What Everyone’s Saying About Amanda…

Technology, Media, and Design Specialist – SuperSibs!

“Amanda Loch is a imaginative, forward-thinking professional with positive energy. She has a generous collaborative nature and an impressive depth of knowledge that drives her creativity. We are fortunate to have her as a co-worker, a friend and a passionate supporter of SuperSibs!
-Suzanne Skala
Executive Director, SuperSibs!

“Amanda is “gem” of a professional with a clear understanding of linking her creative, impactful work directly to the mission of the organization. Her business acumen is strong, and she consistently delivers high quality, engaging, cutting-edge design work that has been far and away more than we could have ever done without her. The fact that Amanda’s caring personality and spirit of commitment are an integral part of her work is a true bonus! She has been a tremendously valued member of our nonprofit team. The organization she works for next will be fortunate to have Amanda on board, as we certainly have been at SuperSibs! for the past 3 years. Amanda Loch has my HIGHEST recommendation.
-Melanie Goldish
Founder, SuperSibs!

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amanda in various capacities at SuperSibs! – from a volunteer, to consultant to the Chair of our Young Professionals Auxiliary Board. Amanda is a motivated, caring person who is very passionate about her work as well as our organization. She is always challenging herself and constantly looks for new ways to build on her skills. Her background and knowledge in education and technology has allowed Amanda to develop exceptional deliverables for the children we serve as well as dynamic collateral pieces in which we can visually engage our constituents in SuperSibs! mission. Amanda’s creative ability is endless. I’m always amazed to see the end result of her projects; each one better than the last. Amanda is an absolute delight to work with and we are very fortunate to have someone like her on our Team!”
-Jennifer Lawlor
Relationship Marketing Manager, SuperSibs!

“Amanda has the unique ability to combine her love of design and technology with her expertise in marketing and communications. Creative problem solving comes natural to her and she always has a great idea and the ability to get it done! Additionally, Amanda has what some creative minds lack… organization! Her passion, drive, and personality would be a great addition to any team looking for a person full of ideas that can execute with superior quality!”
-Dan Hassenplug
Innovation Director – Experiential Design, Maddock Douglas

Chair – SuperSibs! Auxiliary Board

“Amanda has served very well as the chair of our board. As she leads our board in and out of our meetings she allows us all to share our ideas and thoughts, while keeping us on track to be productive. Amanda has designed our marketing pieces for the event we are planning. I am so impressed with her talent and creativity to come up with pieces that are classy, professional, and appropriate for our event! Amanda is very involved with SuperSibs! as an organization and gives freely of her time and energy to helping wherever she can. Thank you for your constant contribution to the board Amanda!”
-Michelle Smalenberger
Financial Planner, Kabarec Finacial Advisors,LTD

Mac Specialist – Apple Inc.

“She is an organized, forward thinking and on time person you can trust to accomplish the mission. I am sure at some point in your life you will need to visit an Apple Store and when you do for tech support your going to need a part! In an environment of insurmountable repairs and parts from iPhones to anything Mac and Apple it takes focus, communication and amazing organization skills to make this flood of tech repair into a calm stream.
Thank you Amanda for your hard work and dedication.
-Jeremy Hernandez
Sales Expert, Apple

“It was a joy to work with Amanda. She was always there to answer a customers question or to help us with any problems that came up. She always put the customer first and would always ask the question, “What’s the right thing to do for the customer?” I would work with Amanda again in a heart beat.”
-Jesse Esquibel
Mac Genius, Apple

“Working with Amanda is an absolute joy. She combines a hard working attitude with a personality that is uplifting and fun. She can make any job fun. I would love to work with more people like Amanda!”
-Travis Nesse
Creative, Apple

“Under the most difficult circumstances, we could always count on Amanda to get the job done.”
-Justin Mickatavage
Mac Genius, Apple

“Amanda was a very customer oriented individual that paid particular attention to the team and team goals. She was alway available to assist team members and to mentor new employees. She also was quick to support new ideas and develop many on her own. A joy to work with.”
-Jeff Scheithe
Mac Specialist, Apple

“Amanda has the energy, drive and passion that is contagious. She was an amazing partner and her ability to engage with the customer made her a great teammate. Always eager to lend a hand in support, never afraid to lead by example, Amanda is capable and dynamic. An asset in every sense of the word.”
-Joshua Dunn
Creative, Apple

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Amanda at Apple for several years. Her passion for people and technology made her a standout employee. She has incredible patience, whether it was working with difficult customers or teaching technology skills to new computer users who had never used a mouse. She is always eager to work as hard and long as required and I don’t recall ever hearing a single complaint from her.
Amanda always has a smile on her face and is one of the most caring people I have encountered in any workplace. She has the unique skill of being able to translate complex technical jargon into approachable language anyone can follow and understand. Her love of technology is second only to her love of helping people to enjoy it as much as she does.
Any employer would be lucky to count Amanda among their team members, she brings her best to everything she does.”
-Jennifer Wood
Mac Genius, Apple

Online Editor/Columnist/IT – Northeastern Illinois University

“Amanda has always proven to get the job done, never completing an assignment late. She has always shown herself to be a professional with clients and her coworkers. On top of this, Amanda Loch has always shown to be proactive, figuring out what is coming down the road and attempting to make sure she can meet the task. She is open-minded and willing to learn new things to help make herself more valuable to the organization. If I can say one thing 100% sure, it is that Amanda Loch is no slacker. You will get a worker who can think on her feet and get the job done professionally.”
-John Bracich
Business Manager – The NEIU Independent

“Amanda was key to the operation of the Independent computer knowledge was very helpful in the newspaper’s early days as an on line publication. Amanda also offered key insights for the overall operation of the paper and delivered good copy.”
-Tom Robb
Editor-in-Chief, The NEIU Independent

“In the time that I worked with Amanda, she not only worked quickly but also effectively. She took on a lot all at once and never neglected the work not only given to her but that she made for herself. Any organization would be lucky to have such a knowledgeable and dedicated hardworking member in their ranks.”
-Jonathan Gronli
Production Editor, The NEIU Independent

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