Below are two examples of dynamic iBooks I have created for SuperSibs! using iBooks Author. The books are viewable on the iPad using the iBooks app. I have also included PDF versions if you are unable to load the book on an iPad, but for the full experience, reading the book on an iPad is recommended. I have also converted the first book (The Parent Tool Kit) to ePub format for other eReader devices, since the book is mainly text and it lends itself to those formats. The second book, (In a Word: A Sibling’s Cancer Journey) is almost completely visual, so does not display well on eReaders that can’t display graphics.

The great thing about iBooks is the ability to reach large audiences for relatively low, if any, overhead cost.

Parent Tool Kit

The Parent Tool Kit is mailed to parents when their children are enrolled in the SuperSibs! program. This is a very traumatic time for families, as enrollment usually occurs on the same day as the ill child’s diagnosis. Parents are inundated with materials at this time, and it is not unreasonable to assume that the printed Parent Tool Kit we mail may get lost in the shuffle, either physically or mentally. By providing them with the option to have a downloadable version, parents can have this valuable information to review while they have downtime sitting in a waiting room, or watching a sleeping child in the hospital. This cost nothing for me to make, it cost nothing for us to distribute, and parents can download the book for free.

Download the Parent Toolkit iBook for iPad (7.9 MB) *Recommended*
Download the Parent Toolkit PDF (22.8 MB)
Download the Parent Toolkit ePub (2.1 MB) (Android, Nook, KoBo, Sony, etc.)

In A Word: A Sibling’s Cancer Journey

SuperSibs! asked the 17- and 18-year-old siblings of children with cancer to artistically express, in one word, the reality of their own journey. 

Here are the poignant revelations from brothers and sisters of those battling pediatric cancer.

(The book is almost entirely graphics, which is why the file size is so large, but also why iBooks are such a great medium)

Download In A Word iBook for iPad (31.7 MB) *Recommended*
Download In A Word PDF (181.8 MB)