The Creative . . .

  • Does more than they're told to.
  • Tries new things.
  • Teaches others what they know.
  • Makes work into play.
  • Takes breaks.
  • Works when others are resting.
  • Is always creating.
  • Is their own inspiration.

  • Loves what they do.
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About Me

How did I get to where I am now? Get the scoop direct from the source!

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Double majoring in English and writing a technology column for an award winning newspaper during college meant my keyboards, printers, and dictionaries were always very well-worn.

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Outreach & Education

Printable activities, fundraising materials, awareness marketing and more, aimed at a variety of ages and audiences.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” -Einstein

Welcome to my online portfolio and encapsulation of my work and personal passions.

I have spent my life weaving media, technology, communications, and education together with some fun and useful results. Please take a look around and contact me with any thoughts or questions.


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Recent Travels

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